Oberon Biofeedback Device

    The Oberon Biofeedback device is a non-linear biofeedback system, combining advanced information technology with active homeostatic control. The Oberon system is the most sensitive homeostasis control program     available today. The Oberon is designed to assess the functionality of the body and provide corrective treatment by means of resonant electromagnetic waveforms. The Oberon provides an unparalleled degree of detail,   providing visualization of potential pathological processes down to the chromosomal level.

     The human body has an energetic framework. Each cell has its own distinct oscillation. The distinctive oscillations of every cell are recorded in Oberon software by performing a spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields. Electronic oscillators within the Oberon resonate at electromagnetic wavelengths and energy levels sufficient to read bio-activity of the body tissues, while selectively amplifying signals against background noise.

 The Oberon diagnostics system records frequency oscillations of any medicinal preparations. The Oberon can make an immediate comparison of all the preparations stored in computer memory with the characteristics of the pathological process and reveal which remedies may be most efficient.

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